Eastern Gastroenterology Group

Welcome to Eastern Gastroenterology Group

Eastern Gastroenterology Group is private limited company, registered in England & Wales, offering local NHS Trusts access to a highly experienced and capable team of Consultants, Nurse Endoscopists, Registered Nurses, Non-Registered Nurses and Administration staff.

Each member of our dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest quality patient care, whilst offering exceptional value-for-money to NHS organisations in and around the East Anglia region.

Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, patient focussed, endoscopy and outpatient services for patients with Gastrointestinal and Hepatological healthcare conditions and symptoms, whilst providing exceptional value to NHS organisations.

At Eastern Gastroenterology Group, we are patient-focused and results-driven. In delivering our services, we set our standards based on achieving the following primary goals:

High Quality Care:
We will meet, or exceed, all KPIs for our service industry.

Patient Focussed Care:
We will provide patient focussed care within an environment of continuous improvement, based on feedback received.

Local Care:
We will ensure that the majority of our staff are local, or based at the host Hospital.

High Value Care:
We will strive to deliver our services whilst providing exceptional value for money to NHS organisations.

Experience & Leadership

Eastern Gastroenterology Group is a limited company, incorporated in England and Wales, and is accountable under statute to its private shareholders.

Our Leadership Team consists of highly qualified and expert professionals, with extensive experience in Gastroenterology Clinics, Hepatology Clinics, Endoscopy Procedures and Clinical Business Management. To learn more about our Leadership Team, visit our Team page.