About Eastern Gastroenterology Group

Eastern Gastroenterology Group is a private specialist healthcare provider offering local NHS Trusts access to an experienced and highly capable team of Consultants, Nurse Endoscopists, Registered Nurses, Non-Registered Nurses and Administration staff.

Each member of our highly qualified and dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest quality of patient care, whilst offering exceptional value-for-money to NHS organisations in and around the East Anglia region.

By making our collective expertise available in this way, we believe we can support NHS Trusts by:

Maintaining the highest level of service and expertise using local and familiar staff.

Reducing Outpatient Clinic, Diagnostic Endoscopy and Therapeutic Endoscopy list backlogs.

Extending NHS capacity, covering a full range of routine cases and sub-specialist work.

Supplying endoscopic staff with bowel cancer screening accreditation and experience in dealing with complex cases.

Optimising otherwise unused NHS facilities.

Delivering a value-for-money service throughout all stages of the patient journey and, in addition, looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Our Commitment

High Quality Care: We will comply with British Society of Gastroenterology, JAG, British Society of Hepatology and BAPEN standards, and aim to surpass them. We will actively audit all KPIs for our service overall and for the clinicians delivering our service, giving active feedback and support to ensure that we meet our goals. We will utilise only experienced clinicians who have substantive appointments and a range of expertise, from advanced endoscopy and bowel cancer screening to hepatology and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Patient Focussed Care: All of our staff will strive to deliver patient-focussed care. To help ensure that we deliver this, we will actively encourage all patients to provide feedback on all elements of our service, which we undertake to review regularly in order to help us improve further.

Local Care: We guarantee that all our service delivery will include members of each Trust’s local team and, where possible, the services delivered will be largely, or even exclusively, provided by local clinicians and other staff. We believe that this is good for ensuring high-quality care, good for efficient care (with staff working in familiar environments and with familiar equipment, protocols and procedures) and good for the environment, the result being a much lower Carbon footprint than our competitors, due to reduced staff travel.

High Value Care: We will strive to deliver the highest value care, not only competitive on price, but also resulting in a reduction of repeat procedures and follow-up patient administration (e.g. we will make senior endoscopists available to enable most polyps to be removed at the time of each patient’s first colonoscopy, key imaging tests will be requested at the time of endoscopies, and outpatients will be treated in line with local policies and procedures rather than suggesting that a local clinician should book an investigation).